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StarSeries: GODSENT triumphed over PENTA

The matches of SL i-League StarSeries S2 have kept going with a countering between GODSENT and PENTA Sports. It's worth noting that the teams had never played against each other before, so the outcome of the game was quite intriguing.


kRYSTAL and his teammates overpowered the opponent on the first map

The meeting was kicked off on de_cobblestone — the pick of GODSENT. The Swedes have shown a promising start by taking seven rounds in a row. PENTA managed to interrupt the opponent's winning run and broke up the shut out. Then GODSENT took over the initiative for a while, but the German squad braced up and, at the end of the first half, got to the rival as close as possible [7:8].

After the switch-over, PENTA didn't lose their way and prevailed in the pistol-round, so the score was eventually tied at [8:8]. The next four rounds were also picked up by them. After that, the Swedish mixture managed to take control over the game's landscape and replenished their piggy-bank with two more points [10:12]. Kevin «kRYSTAL» Amend and his team seized the initiative once again and went on to score points. [16:10] and PENTA triumphed on de_cobblestone.


pauf and his team happened to be stronger on the rival's pick

The clash was resumed on de_cache, chosen by PENTA. They won the pistol-round, but GODSENT soon realized the force and picked up the next four rounds. The Germans seized the control, but the Swedish five had no intentions to give up and continued to increase the gap. GODSENT went for the change-over with a margin of twelve points.

In the second half, due to the «swing», being formed on the map, the teams have several times exchanged with rounds. Despite this, PENTA seized the initiative and began to cut down on a gap in the score. However, their efforts were not enough to make a comeback, so the victory on de_cache went to the Swedish team [16:10].


The decisive map was picked up by the Swedes

The victor of the meeting was decided on de_overpass. PENTA have overpowered the opponent in the pistol-round and the next three ones. GODSENT still found the way to get past the rival's defense and picked up two points [2:4]. Then the German squad has retaken the initiative and continued to increase the advantage. Profiting by the enemy's missteps, the Swedes tried to decrease the backlog, but the first half was eventually finished at  [9:6] in favor of Tahsin «tahsiN » Broschk and his team.

Having switched the side, GODSENT put on their board three rounds in a row, thus temporarily leveling the game [9:9]. Then they've managed to outrun the rival, but PENTA weren't lagging behind for too long, so the score was equalized again [11:11]. The Swedish squad has strengthened their positions and soon started setting the pace. Eventually, GODSENT happened to be stronger, paragraphing de_overpass at [16:11].


The games within SL i-League StarSeries S2 will be continued tomorrow. The records of the streams are available on our YouTube-channel.