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StarSeries: GODSENT leave the tournament

During the initial match of the second stage of online-part of SL i-League StarSeries S2, we've witnessed the countering between GODSENT and Team X. The winner of the meeting had already been awaited by FaZe Clan.

The first battlefield happened to be de_train. The Danes were stronger in the pistol-round, but GODSENT managed to realize a force-buy. However, Team X have immediately braced up, picking up three rounds at a run. The Swedes clinched the control, but the Danish five took it out of their hands at once. The first half was closed at [11:4] in favor of X.


Team X triumphed on de_train

Having changed the side, GODSENT prevailed in the pistol and following three rounds. Then the Danish team has secured the initiative again, soon reaching the map-point. The Swedish squad was trying to cut down the backlog, but Team X eventually proved to be strong enough to put the first map on their board [16:11].

The game continued on de_dust2 — a choice of the Danish team. GODSENT realized a winning streak of five rounds. Then Team X wrested control, picking up two more points. The Swedish squad retook the initiative and went on increasing their advantage. Before the switch-over the score reached the mark of [11:4] in favor of GODSENT.

T-sided, the Swedes picked up the victorious points, drawing a line under the stand-off on de_dust2 [16:4].


The Swedes rehabilitated on de_dust2

After a break, the teams faced off against each other on the decisive map — de_cobblestone. At first, the squads have swapped rounds, but then the Danes managed to move ahead. GODSENT found a way to reach their opponent [3:3], but then Team X regained the control over the game's tide. The score was soon leveled [6:6]. But, eventually, a leadership in the first half was secured by the Swedes [8:7].

T-sided, the Danish squad prevailed in the pistol-round, but the following one was taken by GODSENT. In a further game, the teams were playing on equal footing and the control over the tide of a meeting was constantly changing the holder. X eventually managed to overtake the rival, gaining the upper hand on de_cobblestone [16:10].


A record of the game's stream can be watched on our YouTube-channel.