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StarSeries: FlipSid3 lost out to dignitas

The online-qualifier for SL i-League StarSeries S2 was resumed with a match between FlipSid3.ESP and dignitas. The Danes overpowered Kinguin in yesterday's stand-off, thus moving ahead, while the Ukrainian team has only started their way at the tournament.

The meeting was kicked off on de_mirage — a pick of dignitas. FlipSid3 prevailed in the pistol-round, but the Danes managed to realize the force-buy. Then the squads have swapped the rounds again [2:2] and dignitas managed to forge ahead. The Danish team was holding the control over the game up to the end of the first half, going to the switch-over with a great advantage of [13:2].

After the change-over, FlipSid3 retook the initiative and gained the upper hand in the pistol and following two rounds. However, they failed to reach the opponent. dignitas gained the victorious points, picking up the first map [16:5].


dignitas prevailed on the first map

The next battlefield was de_overpass — a choice of FlipSid3. The Danish five overwhelmed the rival in three rounds at a run. The Ukrainian team found a way to win the gun-round, but dignitas re-captured the initiative, keeping gaining points. Only at mark of [10:1], the Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodenskiy-led squad managed to clinch the control. However, the first half was paragraphed in favor of the Danes [12:3].

After the switch-over, FlipSid3 found a way to change the landscape of a map by realizing a range of nine victorious rounds, that helped them to level the score [12:12]. Then the Ukrainian team outran its opponent, triumphing on de_overpass [16:12].


FlipSid3 gained the upper hand on de_overpass

The decisive map was de_nuke. With a quad-kill, Georgi «WorldEdit» Yaskin secured a victory for his team in the pistol-round. The following two were also picked up by FlipSid3. Then dignitas managed to break up the shut out [3:1], but the control over the game was again seized by the Ukrainian team. Up to the end of the first half, the Danes managed to cut down the backlog and finished the side at the mark of [6:9].

СT-sided, dignitas picked up two rounds at a run, but the next one was put on the FlipSid3's board. Then the Danish squad reached the rival and temporarily tied the game [10:10]. Having strengthened their positions, dignitas realized a winning streak and drew a line under de_nuke with the final score of [16:10] in their favor.


All records of streams are available on our YouTube-channel.