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StarSeries: Epsilon lost out to ALTERNATE aTTaX

The match between Epsilon and ALTERNATE aTTaX has kicked off a struggle within Group B. The previous meeting of these teams had been ended with a victory of the German squad.


The German squad triumphed on the first map

The first map of the encounter became de_mirage. From the very beginning, Epsilon have secured the initiative and realized a winning run of seven victorious rounds. After that, ALTERNATE managed to break up the shut out [7:1] and started gaining points. Soon the Germans found a way to cut the backlog down, but the Swedes were still the one who led the game [9:6].

After the switch-over, ALTERNATE prevailed in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's, thus leveling a game for a while [9:9]. Epsilon failed to overwhelm the rival in the device-round, so the German quad has effortlessly put five more rounds on their board [14:9]. However the Swedes had no intensions to give up and managed to stop the enemy's attack. Despite this, Christian «crisby» Schmitt and his teammates braced up and eventually gained the upper hand on de_mirage [16:12].


The Swedes have rehabilitated on the rival's pick

The further events were unfolded on de_cobblestone. Epsilon overpowered the opponent in the pistol and following two rounds, but the victory in the gun-round was secured by the Germans. The Swedes have immediately retaken the control and went on, dominating the rival.  ALTERNATE have tried to get back on track, but they've managed to put on their board only three points. The first half was ended in favor of Epsilon [11:4].

Having changed the side, the Germans prevailed over the rival in three rounds in row, but William «draken» Sundin and his team re-captured the initiative and started increasing the gap. ALTERNATE have managed to get through the rivals' defense for a few more times, but it was not enough, so, eventually, Epsilon gained the upper hand on the second map [16:9].


kzy and his teammates coped with the enemy's onslaught

The decisive map was de_nuke. Having taken three rounds at a time, the Swedish mixture got confidently started. Despite the loss in the buy, Epsilon regained the control and started gaining points. Only at the mark of [8:1], ALTERNATE have found a way to take the initiative back by picking up four points. To the switch-over the Swedes went, possessing the double advantage [10:5].

CT-sided, the German squad has managed to turn the tide of a meeting, tied the score and eventually forged ahead. At the mark of [13:10], Epsilon decided to take a tactical pause in order to discuss the further actions, thanks to which they've intercepted the control. The contestants have failed to define the best one during the main time [15:15], so the match was continued in the overtime, where ALTERNATE proved to be stronger and paragraphed the map at [19:15].


In the upcoming stand-off will meet ENCE and Epsilon. The stream of the match will be able on our twitch-channel StarLadder_cs_en.