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StarSeries: EnVyUs start with a victory

The next countering within the second stage of European qualifier for SL i-League StarSeries S2 became a meeting between Team Spirit and EnVyUs.

The clash was kicked off on the EnVy's choice — map de_cobblestone. With a victory in the pistol-round, the Frenchmen failed to face the enemy's «force» [1:1]. Then teams have swapped the rounds [2:2], but Spirit eventually managed to secure the initiative. The Russian squad kept gaining advantage, losing out only two more gun-rounds during the first half [11:4].


DEVIL and his team failed Cobblestone

CT-sided, Team Spirit were defeated in the pistol-round, but they have still managed to realize the «force-buy» [12:5]. Before the ultimate triumph on Cobblestone, the team from Russia was overwhelmed only in one round more. As a result — [16:6], and Spirit put the enemy's pick on their board.

The second map was de_mirage, selected by Team Spirit. Right from the start, the French squad picked up three rounds at a run [0:3]. Nevertheless, Spirit strengthened the defense and leveled the score at [3:3]. The squads were playing on equal footing for some time, but EnVyUs re-clinched the control over the map and went for a switch-over, leading the game [5:10].

The team, led by Vincent «Happy» Schopenhauer gained the upper hand in the second pistol-round and two anti-eco's [5:13]. Spirit failed to make a come-back, showing a weak game for the T-side. The final result of Mirage stopped at [6:16].

The third venue of the battle was de_cache. Team EnVyUs kicked off with a highlight reel, carrying out a long-lasting winning streak [0:14]. Before going on, playing for the T-side, Spirit secured the last round of the second half [1:14]. The Frenchmen have effortlessly paragraphed the meeting, overpowering Team Spirit on the «decider-map» [6:16].


Stay tuned to StarLadder5, where the match between FaZe Clan and Team-X will commence in any minute.