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StarSeries: EnVyUs advance to Play-off

In the final clash of the online-part of SL i-League StarSeries S2 met HellRaisers and EnVyUs. In their by-past games, the teams had been defeated, but they still had a chance to secure a ticket to the LAN-finals of the championship.

The battle was set off on de_dust2 — a pick of the French squad. EnVyUs prevailed in the pistol-round and the anti-eco, but the device one was still clinched by HellRaisers. The Frenchmen re-took the initiative and, only at the mark of [6:1], the Ukrainian team managed to wrestle the control for a while. Then EnVyUs realized a range of the victorious seven rounds and went for a change-over with a great advantage of [13:2].


The Frenchmen proved to be stronger on de_dust2

After a small break, HR found a way to change the tide of a countering, overpowering the opponent in four rounds at a run. The French squad has still managed to punch through the enemy's defense and eventually secured the map-point. HellRaisers tried to cut down the backlog, but their efforts happened to be insufficient, so the first map was put on the board of EnVyUs [16:14].

The game was resumed on de_nuke — a choice of HellRaisers. Kenny «kennyS» Schrub and his team kicked off with a highlight reel, prevailing in six rounds in a row. Then the Ukrainian team interrupted the opponent's winning streak, picking up seven rounds, however, the first half was still paragraphed by EnVyUs [8:7].

Having changed the side, the Frenchmen overwhelmed the rival in the pistol and following two rounds. HR failed to re-seize the control even in first gun-round, so EnVy went on scoring points. Having lost only one round, the French five gained the upper hand on de_nuke [16:8].

Screenshot_4We congratulate EnVyUs on advancing to the main part of SL i-League StarSeries S2. The records of stream are available on our YouTube-channel.