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StarSeries: dignitas overpowered NSK

The opening-match of Group C of the online-qualifier for SL i-League StarSeries S2 was the meeting between Team Dignitas and NokSuKao. It's worth noting that Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel is missing the qualifying games of dignitas, so his place was currently taken by the team's coach — Casper «ruggah» Due.


NokSuKao put the enemy's pick on their board

The choice of the Danes fell on the map de_mirage. NSK lost out the starting three rounds, but then they've managed to level the score and pulled ahead [3:5]. Then dignitas picked up two gun-rounds [5:5], but the CIS-squad kept the initiative and gained an upper hand in the first half [7:8].

NokSuKao won the second pistol-round and two anti-eco's, however they've been defeated in the first device-one [8:11]. Team Dignitas were smashed in the following three buy's, but then they've temporarily braced up, cutting down the backlog up to two points [12:14]. Using the tactical pause, NSK reached the match-point, and then the victorious sixteenth round [12:16].


cajunb greatly contributed to the victory of the Danes on Nuke

The game was resumed on the pick of NokSuKao — map de_nuke. The Danish team has secured the initial advantage again, but they failed to keep the leadership, letting the opponent start an excellent winning run [3:7]. Before the switch-over, dignitas strengthened the defense, thus forging ahead [8:7].

In the second half, Team Dignitas happened to be weaker in the pistol-round, but they've immediately responded with the successful force-buy. The opposing teams were going «neck-to-neck», so the game was leveled a few times. Nevertheless, the team from Denmark drew a line under the clash on Nuke, triumphing on the map with a score of [16:14].


k0nfig — MVP on the decisive Overpass

The further events were unfolded on the map de_overpass. dignitas were defeated in the pistol-round, but again they've shown a great force-buy and changed the tide of a meeting. The Danish squad kept enlarging the gap from NokSuKao and, right before the start of the second half, they've gotten ahead of the rival by seven victorious rounds [11:4].

Keeping the same pace, Team Dignitas reached the match-point on Overpass by a single winning run [15:4]. Eventually, NSK failed to make a comeback and lost out the third map with the result of [16:6] in a favor of the Danes.


Stay tuned to StarLadder_cs_en, where you'll be able to witness the match between AGG and dignitas.