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StarSeries: ALTERNATE dealt with ENCE

The matches within SL i-League StarSeries S2 were resumed with a countering between ENCE and ALTERNATE aTTaX. It's worth noting that the German squad had a replacement: Johannes «tabseN» Wodarz was playing instead of Christian «crisby» Schmitt.


Germans prevailed on the enemy's pick

The meeting was started on de_dust2. The Finns have prevailed in the pistol's and the following round, while the Germans have succeeded in the first «gun». Gradually, ALTERNATE managed to level the score and outran the opponent. However, ENCE didn't lose their hearts and heads, temporarily tying the game [6:6]. The mixtures haven't been capable to define the strongest one for a long time, but the first half was finished in a small favor of the Finnish five [8:7].

T-sided, the German team has overwhelmed the rival in three rounds in a row, but then ENCE captured the initiative and the score was evened again [11:11]. In the further game, the control over the tide of a game was constantly changing hands, but eventually ALTERNATE aTTaX found a way to secure the leadership. With the victorious points being taken, the Germans put de_dust2 on their board [16:13].


The Finnish squad was smashed

Despite the defeat on the first map, ENCE have still had a chance of bouncing back on de_cobblestone. Using it, they've picked up the pistol-round, but ALTERNATE have found a way to realize the force-buy, starting gaining the points. At the mark of [5:1], the Finns managed to interrupt the winning streak of their opponent, slightly reducing the backlog. However, the German squad strengthened their positions and went to the switch-over with the double advantage [10:5].

CT-sided, ENCE failed to turn the game's tide, losing out in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. ALTERNATE was punching through the enemy's attack time and time again and, leaving the opponent without a single chance of a comeback, gained the upper hand on the second map [16:5].


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