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StarSeries: dignitas triumphed over AGG

In the next match we've witnessed a struggle between AGG and dignitas. It was the first game within SL i-League StarSeries S2 for the Polish team. The Danes, in turn, have already secured a victory by overwhelming NokSuKao.


AGG overpowered the rival on his pick

The game was kicked off on de_mirage — the choice of dignitas. They picked up the pistol and following two rounds. Despite this, the Poles have found a way to win the gun-round and started gaining points. At first, AGG leveled the score at [3:3], and then forged ahead. However, the Danes didn't give up and caught up with their opponent [5:5]. The first half was ended in favor of Kristian «k0nfig» Wienecke and his teammates [9:6].

After the switch-over, the Danish squad kept dominating the rival, having realized a winning streak of four rounds. The Polish team re-captured the control and gradually cut down the backlog [13:13], and then even took the victorious points, putting de_mirage on the board [16:14].


dignitas bounced back on the second map

After a small break, the teams resumed their fight on de_cobblestone. Up from the very beginning, there was an equal fight on the map, and only in seven rounds, dignitas eventually managed to secure the leadership. AGG braced up and approached to the contestant as close as possible. The Danish team went for the change-over with a minimal advantage of [8:7].

T-sided, dignitas gained the upper hand in the pistol-round and two anti-eco's. The Poles failed to take over the initiative in the device one, so the Danes picked up two more points. Losing one more round, the team from Denmark triumphed on the second map with [16:8].


The Danes have shown an excellent game on the third map 

The winner of the encounter was defined on de_nuke. dignitas have shown a great start, overwhelming the rival in nine rounds at a run. At the mark of [9:0], the Polish team has managed to break up the shut out, but the Danes, in turn, re-seized the control, keeping enlarging the gap. AGG failed to give a decent respond to the opponent, having lost the first half with [1:14].

The Polish five failed to turn the tide of events and to cope with the enemy's onslaught, so, as a result, dignitas prevailed on the third and decisive map with [16:1].


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