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StarLadder will broadcast HellCase Cup

The StarLadder studio will broadcast a new tournament - HellCase Cup Season 5 from the case-service CS:GO The tournament will bring together European and CIS-squads, fighting for a prize pool amounted to $10.000 and a slot in the online-qualifier for the 4th season of SL i-League StarSeries!

HellCase Cup Season 5 will be held in two stages and will start from the group stage, attended by 16 teams invited by the organizers. All participants will be divided into 4 groups, 4 teams in each. On this stage the matches will be held in Round Robin format (each team will play one match against each in group) till 2 wins (Bo3).

The participants’ seeding for the group stage

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Binary Dragons North Academy Outlaws Gatekeepers
Pride Defusekids Epsilon Team Spirit
eXtatus Imperial Spartak Maxisaucisse
Team123 Impossible Spray'N'pray LoG


A schedule of matches for the group stage

Время Group A Время Group B
June 13 17:00 BD vs. Team123 June 16 17:00 North.A vs. Impossible
June 13 20:00 Pride vs. eXtatus June 16 20:00 DefuseKids vs. Imperial
June 14 17:00 Pride vs. BD June 17 17:00 North.A vs. DefuseKids
June 14 20:00 eXtatus vs. Team123 June 17 20:00 Imperial vs. Impossible
June 15 17:00 Pride vs. Team123 June 18 17:00 North.A vs. Imperial
June 15 20:00 BD vs. eXtatus June 18 20:00 Defusekids vs. Impossible


Время Group C Время Group D
June 19 17:00 Outlaws vs. Spartak     June 22 17:00 Team Spirit vs. LoG
June 19 20:00 Epsilon vs. sNp June 22 20:00 Gatekeepers vs. MaxiS
June 20 17:00 Spartak vs. sNp June 23 17:00 LoG vs. MaxiS
June 20 20:00 Outlaws vs. Epsilon June 23 20:00 Gatekeepers vs. Team Spirit
June 21 17:00 Outlaws vs. sNp June 26 17:00 LoG vs. Gatekepeers
June 21 20:00 Epsilon vs. Spartak June 26 20:00 Team Spirit vs. MaxiS


The official russian stream channel:

During tournamet will distribute skins and cases CS:GO for viewers.

Following the outcome of group stage 8 of the best teams, 2 from each group will advance to the Playoffs, where they will be awaited by 4 invited teams. On this stage they are expected by Single-Elimination bracket with matches up to 2 wins (Bo3).

Prize pool:

  •  1st place - $4.000 and a slot on the online-quals for StarSeries S4
  •  2nd place - $2.000
  •  3rd place - $1.000
  •  4th place - $1.000
  •  5-8th place - $500


Follow the news and announcements from HellCase Cup Season 5 on our website. The records of all matches may be found on our YouTube-channel.