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StarLadder and Twitch to hold a series of PUBG tournaments for Duo

Well, we have some great news for those who can't imagine their lives without PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Every player willing will be able to participate in the tournament with the prize pool of $5,000, kicking off on the 14th of May. Welcome STARLADDER CIS DUO CUP POWERED BY TWITCH - the PUBG tournament in Duo mode!

Each series of the championship will last for a month and each month there will be $5,000 at a stake. The tournament may be attended by the teams, consisting of two players.  For three weeks the Duo will fight in open qualifiers. Following the outcome of the open quals 40 teams will be decided, who will advance to the final championship stage.

Each open qualifier will consist of a series of matches, held in 3 or 4 rounds. The teams will secure places, based on the points, gained for the rank and number of kills after each round. 40 of the strongest will advance to the “Tournament of the week”, where in 5 rounds we will learn names of the strongest 10 teams.

In the final tournament of the month invited teams will participate alongside the teams with the highest ranking based on the results of weekly tournaments. All 40 participants will play 5 or 7 rounds, following the outcome of which the prize fund of $5.000 will be distributed.


  •  15-16th of May - 1st week of the open qualifier
  •  21-22nd of May - 2nd week of the open qualifier  
  •  26-27th of May - 3rd week of the open qualifier
  •  3rd of June - Final


It's worth noting that every willing party can sign up for the first week of the open qualifier. It means that there are three chances to reach the final of the tournament!

You can register for the tournament via the following link:

Each player is advised to learn the full rules of the tournament via the following link.