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starix: "To be honest, we were not the favorites"

Team1's player Sergey "starix" Ischuk gave an interview for StarLadder after the victory in WESG 2018-2019 Ukraine Qualifiers in CS:GO.

The veteran of the CIS scene shared his thoughts on the tournament and told about plans of his squad for WESG 2018-2019 World Finals.

About his impressions from the event

"Hello everybody, my name is starix, and I’m playing for Team1. The event was good, even after dealing with those “short” delays. It’s obvious that our main rival here was Team Djakuyu, who were directly invited, and there was also a team called Windigo Academy. They play together on permanent basis and have a training facility, so it was hard to play against them. However, we met our main enemy in the final. They made it to the final through the Upper Bracket."

About the preparation and Team1's formation

"Actually, none of the teams were gathered one day before the event, but we didn’t have any preparation because we are a “mix”, so everybody has to play with his main team. We just came here to play. We had some stuff prepared because four of us used to play for k1ck, so DarkS1DE just had to adapt a bit for our system."

About his emotions from the participation

"You know, answering the question about feeling nerves, I think that all of us were nervous, including me. When you play, you get to feel new emotions, and when you feel new emotions, they can explode into adrenaline. In that case, everybody is nervous, everybody wants to win, feels the pressure, so it’s natural. It doesn’t matter how many tournaments you’ve won, or how much time you’ve spent playing CS, you still get to feel adrenaline and emotions. Consequently, you’re enjoying this process."

About the level of skill in the qualifier and usage of
free time between matches

"It’s a tough question. Those games were close because we are almost on the same level of skill. As we said it before, there are no such teams, top teams which could crush you easily.

Here is nothing to do about it. If you have free time, you can just relax and listen to some music. You can have a snack, drink some water, and that’s it. That was our usual break at this tournament."

About their plans for WESG 2018-2019 World Finals

"You know, I haven’t really thought about how we are going to spend our time before the event. The reason is that we won the qualifier just 10 minutes ago. All my thoughts are about our victory right now. To be honest, we were not the favorites, so we didn’t think that we could win here. It’s an honor for us to represent Ukraine at such a competition."

About the enjoyment he has felt at the event

"When you’re playing CS, you don’t really think about glory, money, and so on. You’re just playing for fun. And if you find teammates who support you, who have similar minds, you’re having much more fun. Initially, all of us just wanted to have fun, to play at a LAN, to have a good time."

About Team1's rivals at WESG 2018-2019 World Finals

"I don’t even know who we are going to meet in China. There are a lot of teams, even from Africa. It will be a unique experience for me to play at WESG."

Message to the supporters

"For fans, I know you guys exist even though there are only a few of you, and there will be more after this event, thank you for being patient in comments about us, supporting us. Thank you!"