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StarCraft II. Day 1 at WESG Grand Final presented by Alipay

First day of WESG Grand Final presented by Alipay is over. Along with it all matches in groups A and B was over too and first players went into play-offs. Tomorrow, January 13, will be played all matches in groups C and D.

Group A

Most unpredictable in group A was fight for 2nd place between 4 players. First place in group, as it was predicted, went to iGXY with 100% winning streak: 15 points in 5 matches.

Before last round start, 4 players had 6 points each: Stephano, Namshar, DeMusliM and Erik. In the end,  Stephano won 2nd place in last game against Erik, and 3rd place gain Namshar. Both gamers will continue fight in play-off round, they start in 1/8.

iGXY will proceed WESG Grand Final presented by Alipay from quarterfinals.

Group B

First place of Group B was taken by Maru without any doubts from the beginning. 5 wins in 5 games confirm Korean terran as one of the most dangerous opponents on this tournament. Real competition in Group B was for 2 and 3 place between Nerchio, MarineLorD, Beastyqt and Harstem.

Victory of MarineLorD over Harstem in the last round brought him pass to play-off, but only from 3rd place. Only because of personal results, Nerchio gain 2nd place win same score, as MarineLorD - 9 points. Both players will proceed in 1/8.

Maru will continue championship from quarterfinal.