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Socials on the eve of The International 2017

The International 2017 hasn't yet started, but still created a lot of fuss in the socials. Some teams have already had a media-day, Chappie can't reach the Seattle and more.


The most popular topic in twitter at the moment: Chappie didn't have his passport back, so he can't fly to Seattle

Resolut1on came to rescue the team and he will replace Chappie, untill he gets back his passport, arriving to Seattle
During the shootings the teams are having fun
That is how the pracs look like
And here are the presents from Valve for the players

I am ready like never before

Публикация от Lil (@lil)

The winner of The International 2013 was refused entry to США
The crew of casters and analysts is already on a place

All sportsmen on a place (looks like)

Публикация от Yaroslav Kuznetsov (@just_ns)


Analysts on a walk

Публикация от Yaroslav Kuznetsov (@just_ns)

The talents were also expected by such a gift