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SL i-League StarSeries S3: The first victory for Epsilon

Online-quals for SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries Season 3 have kicked off. In the first match have met Epsilon and ex-DarkPassage.

Epsilon dealt with ex-DarkPassage

The clash has started on the map de_overpass — a choice of the Swedish squad. The first half with a minimal advanatge was finished in favor of the Turks. Having changed the side, Epsilon quickly got back on track, paragraphing the meeting with [16:12].

The second map was de_cobblestone. Starting for the T-side, the Swedish squad secured the initiative and, up to the end of the first half, were dominating the opponents [12:3]. CT-sided, Epsilon picked up the sufficient four points and gained the uper hand in the confrontation [16:4].

A schedule of the matches within online-quals for SL i-League CS:GO StarSeries Season 3 may be discovered on our site.