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SL i-League StarSeries S3: talent lineup

We’re glad to present you a talent’s line-up of the StarLadder studio, who will cover for you the LAN-finals of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3.

English-language studio

One of the best talents of the English-language scene in Dota 2, leading analysts with great experience, such as ODPixel and SirActionSlacks will carry out the broadcast of the final stage of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3.

The studio’s line-up:

  •  David «GoDz» Parker
  •  Jorien «Sheever» van der Heijden
  •  Owen «ODPixel» Davies
  •  Ben «Merlini» Wu
  •  Ioannis «Fogged» Loucas
  •  Gabriel «Lyrical» Cruz
  •  Jake «SirActionSlacks» Kanner
  •  Chan «WinteR» Litt Binn


SL i-League StarSeries talents GoDz Sheever ODPixel Merlini Fogged Lyrical SirActionSlacks WinteR

The stream’s channel:

Russian-language studio

Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepokhin is traditionally at the head of the Russian-language team of casters. And the analyst’s studio is joined by the former NaVi player Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov. During all the tournament days they will be «on air» in order to make the finals of the third season of StarSeries way more interesting.

The studio’s line-up:

  •  Roman «CaspeRRR» Lepokhin
  •  Dmitry «Droog» Chumachenko
  •  Alexey «Bafik» Bafadarov
  •  Oleg «Feaver»  Skarzhinsky
  •  Anton «Mob5ter» Erokhin
  •  Kirill «Sunlight» Kachinsky
  •  Vladislav «Blowyourbrain» Morozyuk
  •  Gleb «Funn1k» Lipatnikov
  •  Maria «Inverno» Gunina


SL i-League StarSeries talents CaspeRRR Droog Bafik Feaver Mob5ter Sunlight Blowyourbrain Funn1k

The stream’s channel:

LAN-finals of SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 will take place from February 23-26 in Shanghai, China. All details of the tournament, as well as schedule of matches and results may be found on the official page.