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SL i-League StarSeries S3: PRIDE defeated ex-Dark Passage

In the second match of the European online-qualifier for SL i-League StarSeries S3, PRIDE faced off against ex-Dark Passage. The Turkish team needed a victory in order to secure chances of advance from the group, as in the by-past game former DP lost out to Epsilon eSports.

Showy end of the first half by Maiko on de_nuke

ex-Dark Passage won their map-pick de_nuke with [16:13], after which the game was moved to de_inferno, which has recently replaced de_dust2 in the tournament map-pool. The Turks were close to the ultimate win and even brought the game to overtimes, but the last word was said by PRIDE [15:19].

The crucial clash was held on de_cache. The initiative was constantly changing the holder, but, at the supreme moment, the luck got back to the players from PRIDE. The Polish five gained the upper hand on the third map, finishing the game with [16:14].

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