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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational: Worst Players

Ukrainian team was invited to participate in the upcoming tournament, instead of Born Of Fire. Chinese players will not be able to visit the LAN-final because of the problems with visas. A new composition of Worst Players has become known recently. For the Ukrainian quintet it is going to be the first LAN-event, as well as the chance to show their abilities and to achieve significant results. As for the begining, the team will fight with the Poles from Virtus.Pro. We decided to ask Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev and coach the team - Ivan «Johnta» Shevtsova a few questions about preparation and relations among the team. 1456501327.0566 - The new composition of the team Worst Players was announced just a couple of days ago. Did you have enoug time to develop some tactics, to try playing together? How are the relations among the team at all? Johnta: We didn't manage to play completely any map, we had too little time. Despite this, we have decided on those who will be in priority, we have come up with a few features and rounds. Basically, the game will be based on the personal skill and mutual understanding. Relationships in the team are quite good, guys are getting used to each other and to my coordination of the the game. - How do your trainings pass? Are you gathering at the bootcamp or practicing in the online mode? s1mple: We haven't arranged any bootcamp yet, so the trainings are taking place online from 16 to 24, local time. It is good that all of the the players are from Kiev, so it's conveniently for all of us to gather and play as much as it would be needed for the team. GgQsYmwl9OQ - You've got the opportunity to participate at SL i-League CS: GO Invitational in the last moment and it will be your first performance at the tournament in this composition. Will the team be able to show their abilities properly? What are the goals you set for yourself at this event? Johnta: The invitation was a surprise for us, so it's not so easy to form any clear objective in this case. It would be desirable, of course, to go to the main stage and to play at the stadium in front of the audience. We will try to do our best to make this happen. s1mple: The goal is to show a good game, both individual and a team one. Everyone should understand that it is the first LAN for many of the players of our team. - Who will be the captain of the team throughout the tournament? Johnta: s1mple will be our captain. Coordination during the game will be on me, so that the players will be fully focused on the personal game. 1456623113.3919 - In the final, who would you like to play with the most, and why? s1mple: I would like to play with the strongest team of the tournament in order to gain experience as much as possible. - Yesterday in the match against CPH Wolves you showed very disappointing results. What can you say about this? Johnta: We hadn't any possibility even to discuss one of the maps that we've played on. At its peak a couple of rounds didn't go well, so in the game was felt some tensity. We will take into account our errors and become stronger :) s1mple: The first official game was quite unsuccessful, a lot of people were worried, we made a very stupid mistakes, which have already been fixed. It was a lot of pressure on all of the the players, including me. Therefore, the individual skill was quite bad. I hope that this will not happent against Virtus Pro tomorrow:) Read also: SL i-League CS:GO Invitational: GODSENT . Let us recall that the tournament will take place in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev from May 20-22. 8 teams will be competing for the champion’s title and the prize fund of $100 000 during four days. The tickets are already available! dota2_ticket-1-1