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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational: GODSENT

Only yesterday it became known that the Swedish tournament would take part in the upcoming tournament in Kiev. ex-Team Ancient haven't been showing consistent results so far, but this is only a matter of time. The roster of GODSENT is full of talented players, who have been playing professionally for quite a long time, but their current achievements leave much to be desired.

Maybe their hour of triumph will come very soon at SL i-League CS:GO Invitational. In a couple of days before the championship we've managed to have a talk with Markus «pronax» Wallsten. The former captain of fnatic has gladly answered our questions and told about his future plans.


— Unfortunately your team won’t take part in the next Major. How did it affect the team's moral?

It's obviously disappointing when you are not being able to take part in the major, and it's a hard slap in the face for all of us. But there will be more chances to play a major in the future and a lot of other tournaments as well so we wont be to discouraged about one tournament.

GODSENT was created by your own. What are the advantages of creating your own organization?

Godsent was created by me and Toms Martin, the best advantage is the fact that we have the privilege to pick the people we work with, and we have already found a great combination of talented and passionate people helping us out to make Godsent a great organisation both when it comes to players and staff. I am really excited for what is to come both within esports and us as a team.


— Who will be the main AWPer in the upcoming tournament in Kiev?

We don't have a specific main AWPer, it depends a lot on maps, positions etc, but you will probably see twist, znajder & lekr0 taking up the awp.

— What is more important for players: an individual or team practice?

It depends, some players need more individual practice and others need more team practice. But in general it's important to have a good balance between these two aspects.


— What can you say about your future? Are you going to make any changes?

We are working hard to improve as a team and as individual players so making changes right now is not something that would happen. We are also looking to get a gaming house as soon as possible to further improve our training conditions. So changes are not planned, but you never know what will happen in the distant future.

—  What result at SL i-League CS:GO Invitational will you get satisfied with?

Top-3 would make me happy personally, but I wont be satisfied until we win.

The championship in Kiev is to start on the day after tomorrow, May 19. The first game of GODSENT will be a match against the Ukrainian FlipSid3 Tactics team at 15:00 CET. Don't miss such a spectacular event! The tickets are already available!