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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational: FlipSid3

FlipSid3 Tactics have become the first team to reach the LAN part of the SL i-League CS:GO Invitational tournament through the qualifiers. Despite bondik's leaving, the team has rapidly adjusted to the game with a new player — Yan «Waylander» Raikonen. In the final battle for the slot FlipSid3 beat SK Gaming.

Before the beginning of one of the most important esports events of this autumn, we've managed to ask a few questions to the captain of  FlipSid3 Tactics. Andrey «B1ad3» Gorodenskiy has told the last member of the team, how they are doing in general, and what goals the guys are setting now.


Who will be the fifth player of the team during SL i-League Invitational? 

The fifth player of the team during SL i-League Invitational will be Waylander. — Has the atmosphere in the team changed since bondik left? Yes, of course, it has, but for the better. 2016-05-07_14h11_41Was the path through the online qualifier difficult for us?

The path wasn't easy, we had to play with a new person, and it's always hard to practice all maps in such a short period. We did our best and beat the SK team.

— Will you feel some discomfort playing in such a big stadium as NSC Olimpiyskiy?

We've never played in a stadium before, but I think we'll have enough experience to abstract away from that and focus on the game.

2016-05-07_14h11_57Is the team's progress noticeable from the moment of signing by the FlipSid3 organization?

It's been a year since FlipSid3 signed us, and for this time we've had both ups and downs, but there's a progress for sure. For example, we've played the last four offline tournament more than just adequately. We had absolutely another results a year ago.

— What goals does the team set for this tournament?

Our goal is to do our best. It will be our first LAN tournament in this roster, and we understand that there will be the finalists of the last major taking part, and we are aware of our potential and always remember that there's always a chance to beat any rival.

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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational will take place in the capital of Ukraine — Kiev from May 20-22. 8 teams will be competing for the champion’s title and the prize fund of $100 000. The tickets for the upcoming tournament are already available! You can find more information on