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SL i-League CS:GO Invitational: CSGL

The team known for most esports fans as Lounge Gaming will come to Kiev to fight for the champion title of SL i-League CS:GO Invitational. Recently the Polish five has left the ranks of the CSGL organization and now they've got a chance to impress potential sponsors at the upcoming tournament. The team of up and coming CS star Michał «MICHU» Müller hasn't won a tier 1 championship, but we shouldn't write them off anyway.

We've had a talk with Polish team's captain Paweł «innocent» Mocek. During the conversation the player told us about the roster's mood, their coach's duties and problems they may face.


— You didn't manage to beat SK in the decider-match. Are you ready to get your own back in the offline final?

I think we are ready to beat a lot of teams in the LAN. SK is one of them. The only thing for us is that we keep losing important tournaments in bo1 games, and with every other loss we are less confident in our offline performance. We just need to overcome this pressure once and our game will jump into good level offline as well.

— You lost your sponsor just a little while ago. When will you announce a new organization?

We will probably announce a new sponsor after SL i-League CS:GO Invitational. We have great things coming for us and I know that it will help us improve with another level of support.


— It won’t be your first trip to Kiev, but this time tournament will take in the NSC Olimpiyskiy. Are you happy to have got such an opportunity?

We are extremely happy to play in such a big event. We are struggling to play offline games because of the pressure and I hope that event of this format will even give us more experience we need. I am personally super hyped to play it and I can't wait for matches.

— What teams do you fear the most?

Obviously, Natus Vincere would be the hardest opponent. I would like to face off against VP, though!


— How many changes has Loord made during his coaching?

A lot. The most important is that he is our in-game leader now and he makes a lot of strategies and shows us a lot of useful stuff almost everyday. I'm very happy with our game now and the only thing we need is to be more confident and less stressed in offline tournaments and I'm sure we will achieve great things.

— Will we see some new tactics or role changes in your line up?

Don't know. Maybe you will find our game more free, maybe that will let us have no pressure and feel like home. We did great in the last SLTV event, and it gave us a lot, so we hope this event will end our curse.

There are only a few days left before the championship in Kiev. Don't miss an opportunity to attend the upcoming tournament! The tickets are already available.