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SK leaves the tournament

SK Gaming and Worst Players have met at the first semi-final match of the loser bracket. Both teams have lost in the previous games: the Danish team were defeated by HellRaisers, and the Ukranian team lost against Virtus.Pro, not without struggle.


The starting point in the competition became the de_mirage — the peak of the team SK. The pistolet round has began with the dramatic «-3» from Ivan «F1L1N» Semenets, that helped his line-up to take the first round into their assets. During the next device rounds the Danish team couldn't hit the enemy's defense just till the moment, when Emil «Magiskb0Y» Reif performed «-4», staying in the clatch-situation.

Clatch-round from «Magiskb0Y»

Despite the failed start, the Danish team managed to take the initiative. The SK players gathered all their forces and started decreasing the lost van. Nevertheless, teams went to the sides replacement with the score in a favor of Worst Players [7:8].


s1mple demonstrates the high-class play again

Going into the defense, SK completely lost their leadership of the meeting. After the victorious pistolet round Worst Players literally crushed the competitor in the attack, giving them only one round. Eventually, the teams stopped on the point of [8:16] and the de_mirage went to the WP's thrift box.

The series continued on the map de_cache — the choice of Worst Players. After the victory in the knive's round, WP chose the Т-side, which perfectly fits their agressive style. SK has lost the pistolet and tne next eco-rounds, but they've managed to gather their strength on the weapon round, that gave them the possibility to decrease the score's gap. But WP didn't plan to lose their steam and immediately got their leadersip back. The defense wasn't capable to deal with the pressure of the enemy, so that influenced on the result of the first half. Only by the end the Danish team improved their position a little bit, by going on a small rest with the [5:10].

After the side replacement После смены сторон Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev amazed the viewers again. Firstly he, making «-5», on his own won the pistolet round for his team, and then performed «-4», making the position of SK even more helpless.

The lesson of using USP-S from «s1mple»

The Danish team was still trying to impose the struggle to the competitor, taking to their thrift box three rounds more, but comeback still didn't happen. Worst Players has confidenly ended what they'd began and has won with the result of [8:16]. Thus, SK Gaming has lost with the score of  [2:0] in the series, becoming the first ones, who leave SL i-League CS:GO Invitational.

stata (2)

F1L1N dealt with the pressure and played the main role in the previous match

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