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SIXER replaces DEVIL in EnVyUs

The former player of Millenium — Christophe «SIXER» Xia — secured a place in the EnVyUs’ lineup, which was previously seized by Timothée «DEVIL» Démolon.

After the six-month teamplay with EnVyUs, DEVIL said goodbye to the squad and will continue his career in the other lineup. We’d like to remind you that Démolon was signed by nV in March 2016, when his contract was bought out from the LDLC organization. In those days DEVIL was replacing Fabien «kioShiMa» Fiey, who is currently completing FaZe Clan.


Official SIXER's LAN-debut in roster of nV will take place at WESG Europe + CIS 

It’s not the first time for SIXER to wear the EnVyUs’ uniform. The French player has already played for EnVy in a few online-matches of ESL Pro League S4 and at the LAN-finals of SL i-League StarSeries S2, where he was a temporary stand-in instead of Nathan «NBK» Schmitt. There was no way for the Christophe’s favourable results to be left unmarked, so nV decided to recruit him.

At the moment Team EnVyUs — is the 2nd strongest French squad and the 7th in the world rankings of the best teams by At the latest offline-tournaments EnVy have shone with a good game, securing 3-4th lines at the  DH Bucharest 2016 and triumphing at Gfinity CS:GO Invitational.

The renewed roster of Team EnVyUs:

  •  Vincent «Happy» Cervoni  
  •  Nathan «NBK» Schmitt  
  •  Kenny «kennyS» Schrub  
  •  Dan «apEX» Madesclaire  
  •  Christophe «SIXER» Xia

The nearest LAN-championship for the French squad will be the WESG CS:GO Europe & CIS. Besides, the new EnVyUs’ lineup will have to show their skills at the offline-quals for ELEAGUE Major 2017 that will be held in December 2016.