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Shanghai Invitational: teams seeding and tournament schedule

There are just a few days left before the opening ceremony of the LAN-finals of SL i-League Invitational Shanghai, which means that it's the time to announce the seeding of teams for a group stage and to bring to light the schedule of matches.

SL i-League Invitational Shanghai seeding

Team-seeding for the group stage

Group A Group B
TyLoo Renegades
HellRaisers HAVU
Team Spirit Flash


In the group stage we will see the GSL system, which means that only 2 teams of 4 in each group will be able to get to the Playoffs. There are no doubts that it makes each match incredibly important and exciting.

Broadcast of the SL i-League Invitational Shanghai:


Schedule of the Shanghai Invitational in CET time:

November 2

  •  03:00 Heroic 2:0 Team Spirit
  •  06:00 TyLoo 1:2 HellRaisers
  •  09:00 Renegades 2:0 HAVU
  •  12:00 Virtus.Pro 2:0 Flash Gaming


November 3

  •  03:00 Team Spirit 2:1 TyLoo
  •  06:00 Flash Gaming 2:1 HAVU
  •  09:00 Heroic 0:2 HellRaisers
  •  12:00 Virtus.Pro 2:0 Renegades


November 4

  •  03:00 Heroic 2:0 Team Spirit
  •  06:00 Renegades 2:0 Flash Gaming
  •  09:00 Virtus.Pro 2:0 Heroic
  •  12:00 HellRaisers 1:2 Renegades


November 5

  •  07:00 Heroic 0:2 HellRaisers (Match for 3rd place)
  •  11:00 0:2 Renegades (Grand Final)


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