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Schedule of the group stage at Hearthstone StarSeries

The third season of SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries is divided into three stages: the group one, last chance and the LAN-finals. In the first stage all 16 participants will be divided into 2 groups, within which they will fight from May 12-30, in order to define the best 2 players in each group.

A distribution of participants in groups:

Group A Group B
Neirea ShtanUdachi
DrHippi Pavel
Naiman Kolento
Fr0zen Zalae
Xixo SuperJJ
ThijsNL Rdu
BunnyHoppor StanCifka
Orange Sjow


The matches within all stages of the third season will be held in the format up to three victories (Bo5) with one ban in the Standard Mode.

A schedule of the group stage within SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries Season 3 (CEST):


  May 12   May 13
18:00 DrHippi vs. BunnyHoppor 18:00 Neirea vs. DrHippi
19:00 Neirea vs. ThijsNL 19:00 Naiman vs. BunnyHoppor
20:00 Naiman vs. Fr0zen 20:00 Neirea vs. Fr0zen
21:00 DrHippi vs. ThijsNL 21:00 DrHippi vs. Naiman
22:00 Neirea vs BunnyHoppor                   22:00 Fr0zen vs. BunnyHoppor


  May 14   May 16
18:00 ThijsNL vs. BunnyHoppor    
19:00 Neirea vs. Naiman 19:00 Neirea vs. Orange
20:00 Fr0zen vs. ThijsNL 20:00 DrHippi vs. Xixo
21:00 Naiman vs. ThijsNL 21:00 Zalae vs. Rdu
22:00 DrHippi vs. Fr0zen 22:00 Fr0zen vs. Xixo
23:00 Zalae vs. Sjow 23:00 Zalae vs. StanCifka


  May 18   May 22
18:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Pavel                      18:00 Pavel vs. Rdu
19:00 Kolento vs. SuperJJ 19:00 ShtanUdachi vs. StanCifka
20:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Sjow 20:00 Kolento vs. Sjow
21:00 SuperJJ vs. StanCifka 21:00 ThijsNL vs. Orange
22:00 Pavel vs. Sjow 22:00 Xixo vs. BunnyHoppor
23:00 Kolento vs. Zalae 23:00 Fr0zen vs. Orange


  May 23   May 25
    18:00 StanCifka vs. Sjow
19:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Rdu         19:00 DrHippi vs. Orange
20:00 Neirea vs. Xixo 20:00 Pavel vs. Kolento
21:00 SuperJJ vs. Rdu 21:00 Zalae vs. SuperJJ
22:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Zalae 22:00 Kolento vs. Rdu
23:00 Rdu vs. StanCifka 23:00 Pavel vs. Zalae


  May 26   May 29
18:00 Rdu vs. Sjow  18:00 Naiman vs. Orange
19:00 Naiman vs. Xixo 19:00 Pavel vs. SuperJJ
20:00 ShtanUdachi vs. SuperJJ             20:00 Xixo vs. Orange
21:00 Kolento vs. StanCifka 21:00 Pavel vs. StanCifka
22:00 SuperJJ vs. Sjow 22:00 BunnyHoppor vs. Orange
23:00 ShtanUdachi vs. Kolento 23:00 Xixo vs. ThijsNL


From May 30th will kick off the final online-stage - The Last Chance. There the players, who will finish on 3-4 lines, will be divided in the double-elimination Playoffs’ bracket, in order to fight for the last invite to the LAN-finals.

The detailed information about the tournament may be found on the official page of SL i-League Hearthstone StarSeries Season 3. The records of matches, as well as the announcements of games and streams will be posted on our You-tube channel.