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Schedule Of Matches For CIS Minor - FACEIT Major 2018

The second tournament out of the series of FACEIT Minors, CIS Minor Championship - London 2018, will run from the 10th to the 13th of July. Seven representatives of the CIS region will be fighting for the right to participate in FACEIT Major: The New Challengers Stage and a $50,000 prize-pool that is standard for CS:GO Minors.

HellRaisers CS:GO

In contrast to all the others CS:GO Minors, there will be one less team at the qualifying event for CIS. The Belarusians from Nemiga Gaming were twice rejected in getting their UK visas, and FACEIT couldn’t find a replacement for them in such a short period of time.

Due to those changes, Group A will gather three squads instead of four. In order to adjust the existing format that will be used at CIS Minor, the organizers decided to send HellRaisers straight to the winners’ match, where they will have to play against PLINK or pro100 for a Playoffs spot.

Group A Group B
HellRaisers AVANGAR
pro100 Monolith
Team Spirit

Monolith and PLINK have also encountered the visa issues but, in their case, it was solved by replacing some players. The ex-EPG member Mareks "YEKINDAR" Gaļinskis will perform for Monolith at CIS Minor as a substitute for Denis "Kas9k" Grishechkin, and PLINK will make use of the services of Kristjan "fejtZ" Allsaar, who will step into shoes of Artur "DarkS1DE" Kravchenko.

We’d like to remind you that FACEIT Minors share a common format. CIS Minor is not an exception as it will start with GSL group stage and be finished by Playoffs in a double-elimination bracket. The two strongest teams will then advance to FACEIT Major: The New Challengers Stage.

Schedule of matches for CIS Minor Championship
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July 10, Day One:

  • • 11:00 — PLINK 16-4 pro100 | Group A | Nuke
  • • 12:15 — HellRaisers 16-11 PLINK | Winners’ Match | Group A | Mirage
  • • 13:30 — pro100 2-1 PLINK | Decider Match | Group A | BO3

July 11, Day Two:

  • • 09:00 — AVANGAR 8-16 forZe | Group B | Inferno
  • • 10:15 — Team Spirit 16-2 Monolith | Group B | Dust II
  • • 11:30 — forZe 11-16 Team Spirit |  Winners’ Match | Group B | Mirage
  • • 12:45 — AVANGAR 2-0 Monolith | Elimination Match  | Group B | BO3
  • • 16:00 — forZe 1-2 AVANGAR | Decider Match  | Group B | BO3

July 12, Day Three:

  • • 10:15 — Team Spirit 0-2 pro100 | Semifinal #1 | Upper Bracket | BO3
  • • 13:30 — HellRaisers 2-0 AVANGAR | Semifinal #2 | Upper Bracket | BO3
  • • 16:45 — pro100 0-2 HellRaisers | Final | Upper Bracket | BO3

July 13, Day Four:

  • • 10:15 — Team Spirit 2-1 AVANGAR | Final | Lower Bracket | BO3
  • • 13:30 — Team Spirit 2-0 pro100 | Consolidation Final | BO3
  • • 16:45 — HellRaisers 2-1 Team Spirit | Grand-final | BO3

The Russian broadcast of CIS Minor Championship by StarLadder will be held on Twitch. On the other hand, the official English stream by FACEIT will also be available for watching on YouTube Gaming.

You can follow the news about CIS Minor on our website and social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Russian VODs of all the matches of CIS Minor will be uploaded on YouTube — CS:GO StarLadder.