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Scarlett and iAsonu continue to fight at WESG 2017 GF

The matches within Group D were the last for the first day at WESG 2017 Grand Final. Scarlett and iAsonu secured the 1st and 2nd place respectively and will fight in the next group stage, while HuT and StriKE are out.

From the beginning the only question was who will take 1st place - Scarlett or iAsonu. Scarlett is a strong player, but she ended the Americas Finals on the 4th line, which was below the expectations, while iAsonu won the Chinese qualifier and direct ticket to the Grand Final. Anyway, Canadian player left no chance to her opponent, 2:0 in the match and a clear first place in the group.

Results of the group D:

iAsonu 0:2 Scarlett

HuT 2:0 StriKE

iAsonu 2:0 HuT

Scarlett 2:0 StriKE

Scarlett 2:0 HuT

StriKE 0:2 iAsonu


List of players, who proceed into the group stage 2:

Group A - SpeCial and Sioras

Group B - Serral and ShoWTimE

Group C - Nerchio and Bly

Group D - Scarlett and iAsonu


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