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Rogue became the champions of Overwatch TakeOver 2

The tournament Overwatch TakeOver 2, which was pleasing the fans for 4 days, was finished with a victory of team Rogue. The French five secured a title of the second season’s champions and were granted a money prize of $25.000.

Team Rogue was doing their best through the group stage, finishing the group on the 1st place with the score 10:2 in maps. Within the Playoffs, they, without any mistakes, passed through the upper bracket and prevailed over eUnited 2 with 3:1 in the final clash.

The places’ distribution at Overwatch TakeOver 2:

  •  1st place - Rogue - $25.000
  •  2nd place - eUnited - $12.500
  •  3rd place  - Cloud9 - $8.500
  •  4th place - Rogue - $25.000
  •  5-6th place - Movistar Riders
  •  5-6th place - Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • • 7-8th place - Misfits
  •  7-8th place - Cyclowns


The records of matches from Overwatch TakeOver 2 you can find on our YouTube-channel.