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Results of Open Qualifiers for StarLadder Major 2019

StarLadder Major 2019 has kicked off with the series of open qualifiers, which are being hosted for ten different regions. In those qualifiers, participating teams compete to advance to the closed phase of the tournament, and after that, they would have a chance to make it to the LAN-finals of the Regional Minors, which are planned for Europe, Asia, CIS, and America.

StarLadder Major

Each open qualifier is held according to the system of Single Elimination. The lion’s share of matches is played in Best of 1, while the decisive ones use Best of 3. Here you can familiarise yourself with the results of the qualifiers and discover the names of the teams who have earned the spots for the next stage of the event.

East Asia
1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd place — AHQ (Chanzh, DDmMm, HOOCREY-, flykingJVE, x1aogen)
  • • 1-2nd place — Devil-13 (GREATSAGE-, Hwoarang, ratesu-_-, shinobi424, worldpeace-)



  • • 1-2nd place — Updraft (Norisen, Marin, flax, EROC, sepia)
  • • 1-2nd place — TheMongolz (Machinegun, Annihilation, temk4wow, neuz, maaRaa)

MENA (Middle East & North Africa)
1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd place — Leftovers (asYLum2k, LASTONE, PONKTMONSTER, flameZ-, shushan-)
  • • 1-2nd place — nonamer5 (hAylamaNN, movxment, Spinx, ayben, favCSTRONG)



  • • 1-2nd place — Ramadanpeek (Joker, CANKU7, XaTra, SENER1, 3arkooz)
  • • 1-2nd place — Spotnet (Empera, Senpai, Enemy, HodorS, Valak)

Southeast Asia
1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd place — AOES (nephh, Archa1c, Retla, lenne-, revrk)
  • • 1-2nd place — BEYOND_TH (1rolex, bnwGiggs, gutor, -JohnOlsen, vetakis3)



  • • 1-2nd place — Maple (Reality, Niffy, JUSTCAUSE, PPOverdose, Leaf)
  • • 1-2nd place — VG.Anthrax (jrL, Castle, FrostyZ, Taymore, Maddox)

CSA (Central and South Africa)
1-4th places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-4th place — eNergy (Blaze, rAid, Dweezil, Mistem, adM)
  • • 1-4th place — Big 5 (Tiaantije, kaNibalistic, SloWye, kustoM, takbok)
  • • 1-4th place — Sinister5 (zerOchaNce, flekszz, dyvo, HackehM, zeolucent)
  • • 1-4th place — Goliath (adaro, massacRe, deviaNt, ZipZip, ELUSIVE)



  • • 1-4th place — Exdee (aw3some, Tj, Viktor, makmuR, Wip3out)
  • • 1-4th place — Ladon (KW, Enigma_X, Rogue, God.Complex, Onbekende)
  • • 1-4th place — TOLY (TheMan, kreatioN, pnd, ysgerbwd, Heartbreak)
  • • 1-4th place — ViNCO (Lichl0rd, BobbyO, Damz, Spoty, WhoElse)

1-4th places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-4th place — IPET (mutaNt, 4king, lan, mackdaddy, flying)
  • • 1-4th place — NIRVANA (QKA, WyCloud, LOVEYY, 333ed2k, Jewelry)
  • • 1-4th place — wNv (4k, zWin, kZy, k4Mi, FairyRae)
  • • 1-4th place — Very1z (XyG, dmm, sick, maizi, lengcc)



  • • 1-4th place — Rstar (Cheater, Zico, NEXTTIME, Despair, cheere)
  • • 1-4th place — Go1dShark (Beaux, Matata, MarT1n, OBONE, EcH0zerO1)
  • • 1-4th place — Avengers (W1nd, quin, Artill, guin, KuckerZ)
  • • 1-4th place — Aster (813, kylin, Mr.mao, gas, ryk)

1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd place — AVANT (ap0c, HaZR, sterling, J1rah, soju_j)
  • • 1-2nd place — Genuine (stat, SkulL, Mayker, apocdud, oxey)



  • • 1-2nd place — Ground Zero (zemp, pan1K, void, BURNRUOk, MoeycQ)
  • • 1-2nd place — PC419 (Wolfy, Doom, DuckyPanic, Muzoona, BeeTee)

South America
1-4th places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-4th place — Evidence (dumau, gon, paaiNK1ng, lineko, rood)
  • • 1-4th place — Falkol (delboNi, caike, bld, fra, GUTO22)
  • • 1-4th place — RED Canids (nython, LeoGOD, pesadelo, kaiG, WOOD7)
  • • 1-4th place — TRZ (zam, segalla, hey you, fpg, soni)



  • • 1-4th place — Redemption ROA (fp1, ALLE, drg, remix, cryo)
  • • 1-4th place — Reapers (brutt, sir, netim, maxcel, Lucaozy)
  • • 1-4th place — SpaceStress (SuupLexx, pr1amo, rika, setzera, Bluedee)
  • • 1-4th place — 9z (Luken, nbl, franssj, restikk, nhl)
  • • 5th place — Denial (sam_A, Link, VAATI, sickLy, Blue)

1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd places — pro100 (YEKINDAR, Flarich, AiyvaN, NickelBack, kenzor), Unique (fenvicious, PASHANOJ, FANAT ROCKA, uNdo, R0b3n)
  • • 1-2nd places — NOTBAD (moonsh1n3, SNk, fix, thatwhocame, B1t), Warthox (minse, Gospadarov, Flash_1, ProbleM, JACKPOT)
  • • 1-2nd places — Se7en (Lack1, smiley, hpp, kinder, w1nt3r), Dracarys (redhide, shalfey, def, kalinka, balblna)
  • • 1-2nd places — NONAME (CHEHOL, neathz, avg, mouseTT, mirac1e), Extremum (TaLker, waterfaLLZ, airscape, arch, vitosh)

1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd places — NoChance (Maikelele, Thomas, STYKO, zehN, kRYSTAL), Sprout (syrsoN, k1to, faveN, Spiidi, mirbit)
  • • 1-2nd places — GamerLegion (ScreaM, Ex6TenZ, nawwk, hampus, HS), Maknitude (AnJ, PERCY, dragonfly, smF, sycrone)
  • • 1-2nd places — Tricked (b0RUP, sjuush, acoR, Bubzkji, HUNDEN), Nordavind (RUBINO, H4RR3, cromen, hallzerk, TENZKI)
  • • 1-2nd places — (MICHU, Snax, snatchie, Vegi, OKOLICIOUZ), Ancient (Plopski, disco doplan, draken, freddieb, RuStY)

North America
1-2nd places move on to the Closed Qualifier


  • • 1-2nd places — Lazarus (Subroza, Zellsis, Infinite, FNS, TenZ), TeamOne (Maluk3, trk, b4rtiN, bit, iDk) 
  • • 1-2nd places — Party Astronauts (motm, PwnAlone, stellar, ben1337, robby), New Identity (dazzLe, Relyks, wrath, seb, Jonji)
  • • 1-2nd places — Bad News Bears (ptr, yay, mitch, crashies, shinobi), Peeker's Advantage (DAVEY, Drone, Oderus, gMd, roca)
  • • 1-2nd places — Mythic (Polen, zNf, fl0m, hazed, anger), The Quest (Spongey, xCeeD, Snakes, Grim, Voltage)

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StarLadder Major 2019 Official Rulebook and Regulations