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WESG Dota 2 EU + CIS: Day One Review

The opening match-day of the LAN-finals of WESG Europe + CIS in the Dota 2 discipline is over. The tournament in Kyiv was attended by 20 teams from all corners of Europe and CIS and commenced a fight for 8 tickets to the WESG Global Grand Finals with ¥500 000 (~ $75 000) in prizemoney on offer.

Group «А»

The first to enter the stand-off were the Group A’s participants: Horde, Fantastic Five, Team Denmark, NecroRaisers and Zeta. By the outcome of starting encounters, the first and second lines were seized by Swedish and Russian teams — Horde and F5, who managed to pick up both of their matches.


Fantastic Five are confidently breaking in

The next to come is Team Denmark with one victory and one loss on their board. On the fourth place you can find NecroRaisers, who were defeated in two matches, but still triumphed over Zeta. The Norwegians from Zeta Pegasi, in turn, were smashed in three games, thus losing all chances of advancing to the Playoffs.

Thus, Horde and Fantastic Five are a step away from moving forward to the next tournament’s stage. A destiny of the third ticket to the Playoffs will be decided by the outcome of a tomorrow's match NR vs Denmark.

Group «B»

Within this group, the spectators had an opportunity to witness the clashes among: Ne RuSb, Team XENEX, lvlup, Wombat Gaming and Comanche. NR shone with the best results within the first match-day, prevailing in two starting matches.


lvlup have chances of advancing to the Playoffs

Second and third lines were clinched by Comanche and lvlup, who gained an equal number of points. Wombat and Xenex weren’t so lucky — today they failed to pick up a single match.

Group «С»

The current day was successful for the French team Que la Famille. QLF triumphed in both matches, getting six points and the first place in group.

Second and third places of the tournament table were occupied by Team Ukraine and Team Romania. The national squads of Ukraine and Romania in Dota 2 have played only one match each, thus picking three points.


Team Romania remain undefeated after the first match at LAN-finals

At the last lines of Group «С» stopped Paragon and 0HG. Belarusian and German teams lost two meeting each and failed to secure a single point. List of this group’s teams, who will move forward to the Playoffs, will be finally defined tomorrow.

Group «D»

By the results of two rounds of matches within Group «D», leadership was secured by Alternate. The Polish team prevailed in two clashes and secured six points.

25821339014_cafb09ccad_k (1)

Alliance will play against woof and Butterfly Effect tomorrow

A few lines lower may be found The Imperial and Alliance, who have on their board six and three points. At the moment, woof and Butterfly Effect are out of zone, allowing the participation in the Playoffs.

We’d like to remind you that the final matches of group stage of the European LAN-finals of WESG Dota 2 EU + CIS will be held tomorrow. The teams, which will seize the first spots in their groups, will immediately move forward to the quarter-finals, being granted slots in the WESG Global Grand Finals. The squads, who will finish second and third, will play in the Relegation Round, where will be decided the second half of the European finalists of the championship’s Grand-finals.

To keep up with the live reportings, groups’ seeding and the schedule, make sure to check out the latest news at: