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Registration for WESG qualifiers in Iberia has started

Baskonia Group has launched the Iberian Division of WESG 2017 and opened the registration process on the official website.

The online-qualifiers in Iberia will consist of teams or players from Portugal, Spain and Andorra. Unlike the most part of the quals, this one won’t be held by StarLadder, so it may have different format and rulesets. Baskonia Group is the organizer to be responsible for the Iberian qualifiers of the current season of WESG. 

The Iberian qualifiers will be divided into male and female divisions in CS:GO and Hearthstone, while Dota 2 and StarCraft II will have the common ones. Participants will fight for spots at the LAN-finals in Barcelona, one at a time for the winners. The final stage of WESG quals in Europe will take place from 22-26 November.

If you are from the Iberia and want to participate in this year’s qualifiers for WESG, all the information you need can be found on the official website.