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Regional finals of WESG APAC will be held in South Korea

From November 10-13 will take place the crucial stage of the qualifier for World Electronic Sports Games in APAC. The strongest players within the region in Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, StarCraft 2 and Hearthstone will fight for tickets to the Grand-finals of WESG, as well as for a prize pool of ¥1 364 000 (~$205 000).


The venue of the LAN-finals will be the Korea International Exhibition Center, located in Goyang, South Korea.

Among teams and players, who will attend the regional finals, should be pointed out: MVP Phoenix, Signature.Trust and TnC in Dota 2; VG.Cyberzen, MVP Project, Athletico and K23 in CS:GO; TY, Maru and PiliPili in StarCraft 2. All the LAN-finals participants will compete for a cash prize of ¥1 364 000 (~$205 000) and 24 slots (6 in each discipline) in the Grand-finals of WESG, with a total prize pool of ¥24 650 000 (~ $3 700 000).


Korea International Exhibition Center will host the finals of WESG APAC

The regional finals within the APAC region will decide the rest of participants, who will battle at the WESG Global Grand Finals 2016. The Russian- and English-language streams of the matches will be held by the StarLadder studio.

Russian-language stream
Game Casters Channel
CS:GO Tafa, Kvan, Homer, okr0shka, petr1k starladder10
Dota 2 CaspeRRR, Droog, Feaver, Bafik starladder1
Hearthstone Olesami, LEBED, twaryna starladder_hs_ru
StarCraft 2 Alex007, Nalan, Bly starladder_sc2_ru
English-language stream
Game Casters Channel
CS:GO Tom, Hugo                                          starladder_cs_en
Dota 2 Lyrical, Eosin, MRP dotastarladder_en
Hearthstone Ekop, Lorinda starladder_hs_en
StarCraft 2 Wardi, feardragon starladder_sc2_en

Seeding and schedule: