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Rebels are last participants of the Semi-Final

[16:11] de_cbble
[16:14] de_mirage
[00:00] de_dust2
 It's my

The match on de_cobblestone started with a gained pistol round by the players from Binary Dragons, after which their rivals rapidly returned the lost round. Both teams were in a forceful mood, and after an intensive battle, the score stopped at the [2:4] mark. Having demonstrated an excellent series of 5 gained rounds, Rebels strengthened their leadership on the map. Having exchanged the points, the teams ended the half with a [8:7] score in Rebels' favor. They also won the second pistol and four following rounds. Having seized the initiative, Binary Dragons considerably closed the gap in the score [14:11], but the final victory on the map was gained by Rebels [16:11].


The second map was de_mirage. Despite the fact that it was the pick of Binary Dragons, the first four rounds ended in their opponents' favor. When the Russian team had shown a considered tactical play on the attack side, they managed to level the score [4:4]. After the rounds exchange Rebels took 3 rounds in a row [8:5]. The first half ended with a [8:7] score in Rebels' favor. They also took the second pistol round. Thanks to the incredible play of CyberFocus, who got an excellent ace, Rebels kept increasing the advantage [14:8]. When the score finally hit the score of [15:12], Binary Dragons did not take the match point and were defeated.