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Quest lose a victory over Method

2:0  QUEST
[16:11] de_train
[16:14] de_dust2
[00:00] de_cbble

The teams started the battle on de_train, which was the pick of Method. They, playing the defense side, managed to take the pistol and 5 following rounds. Quest, in their turn, broke the steel defense of the rival only at the eight round, though the guys from Method immediately returned the leadership on the map [11:1]. Having demonstrated the total domination on the map, Method ended the first half with a devastating score of [12:3] in their favor. After the side switching Quest made a comeback, having taken 7 rounds in a row, including the pistol, force-buy and device ones. Having broken the winning streak of the rival, Method immediately lost the next round [13:11]. Nevertheless, they did manage to take three lacking rounds and got a victory on de_train [16:11].


The next in turn was the pick of Quest (de_dust2), who rather rapidly took the pistol and 5 following rounds. Having adjusted to the game on the defense side, Method made an excellent comeback and started to fight back the advantage [4:6]. Quest, having made a full buy round, returned the initiative [4:8], but their eco round was taken by Method. Nevertheless, Quest ended the half with the double advantage [5:10]. They did take the second pistol round and following 2 ones, but their opponents returned the lost points and not only leveled the score, but took the lead on the map [14:13]. Having lost a series of 9 rounds, Quest were still putting up a resistance, but, eventually, were defeated with a [16:14] score.