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Please translate in en: Natus Vincere одолели чемпионов Major'а

The last game of the first match day ran between teams Ukraine Na’Vi and European Union OG. Traditionally, “Kyiv Cybersport Arena” met their favorites with loud applause and screams: «Na’Vi! Na’Vi! Na’Vi!».

IMG_2016-04-14 23:36:18

The audience’s support gave some confidence to the nominal hosts of the tournament and they rushed to fight immediately. A great teamplay of Ukraine Na’Vi’s players allowed them to have an advantage for a long time. Having performed some successful push attacks on the opponent’s highground, Ukraine Natus Vincere calmed down their aggressive style, which did endanger their flawless victory.

European Union OG were becoming closer and closer to Natus Vincere with every minute, but the Ukrainian collective did find an opportunity to win the game.


European Union OG decided to play more actively on the second map, and it had a positive result. A lot of team fights kept players and audience in suspense.

European Union OG got much free place for their Spectre and strength of the European team continued to increase. Ukraine Na’Vi tried to do their best, but didn’t manage to change anything – European Union OG equalized the score in the match.


The beginning of the decider was a bit nervous for all supporters of the Ukrainian team. The European mix rushed in the graphs, and the position of Ukraine NatusVincere turned out to be pretty bad.

But Na’Vi found an opportunity to equalize the situation on the 15th minute and start controlling actions on the map. European Union OG started to make a lot of mistakes, which helped Ukraine Na’Vi make the lead bigger. Having lost some fights, European Union OG surrendered, and the audience exploded with applause.