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PENTA Sports sent Vega Squadron packing

PENTA Sports gained the upper hand in the first elimination-match at PGL Major Krakow 2017, overpowering Vega Squadron.


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Making a choice between Overpass and Mirage, PENTA picked the second one for this game. Vega secured all important rounds at the start-line, taking a lead at  6-0, thus laying the basis of a success in the first half. Thanks to a constant aggression, PENTA Sports managed to win only four rounds for the T-side 11-4.

After a switch-over, an incredible gaming by HS helped PENTA to improve their positions, cutting down the backlog up to 11-7. Then, profiting by the unforgivable mistakes of the enemy, Vega Squadron increased the log to 14-7. As it turned out in the following game, it was the last victorious round for Vega. PENTA Sports performed a fabulous comeback, due to efforts of the whole team, turning the tide of a meeting and paragraphing it with the final score of 16-14.

Following this result, PENTA Sports knocked Vega Squadron out of PGL Major Krakow 2017. The Russian squad finished on the 15-16-th place, getting $8.750, losing out all three matches to, Immortals and PENTA Sports. EU-squad will go on, fighting for a ticket in the top-8 of the Major in the next match-day. 

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