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PENTA Sports qualified for PGL Major Krakow

The European team PENTA Sports overpowered Vega Squadron in a match for the slot in the next CS:GO-Major.

The game was held on Train. PENTA shone with a strong T-side, punching through the Vega's defense 11 times in a row. All that Vega Squadron managed to do after the changeover, was to pick up four rounds more before PENTA Sports drew a victoriuos line under this fight at 16-8.


After a break in two years, kRYSTAL will play on Major again
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We'd like to draw your attention to the game of Kevin «HS» Tarn, who finished the map with KDR 1.41 (25-16) and ADR 97.3. Following ropz, HS became the second Estonian in the history of CS:GO, who will play on Major. 

Thus, PENTA Sports finish their performance within the qualifier in Bucharest on a major note, taking a ticket to PGL Major. Vega became a step aside from elimination from the tournament. A destiny of the Russian team will be decided in their following match. 

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