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OpTic Gaming knock Renegades out from StarSeries i-League S6

OpTic Gaming have defeated Renegades in the first quarterfinal match at StarSeries i-League S6 and advanced to the semifinals. Their next opponent will be the winner of the upcoming game between Vega Squadron and Fragsters.

OpTic Gaming CS:GO

OpTic Gaming will play in the semifinals of StarSeries i-League CS:GO

The first map was Dust II, that was chosen by RNG. The teams were on equal positions at the beginning, 2-2, but then OpTic took the lead. OG showed a good defense and punished the Ts for every mistake that they made, so it led to the victory in the first half — 10-5. After winning the CT pistol, Renegades stabilized themselves on a 10-7 mark but the first gun round turned out to be a complete catastrophe for the Australians. OpTic Gaming won a round in 2v5 and took the initiative back, winning the game afterwards without any problem 16-8.

The game continued on Inferno. OpTic expressed their serious intentions for this map from the very start and kept the pace going until the end of the first half, during of which Renegades earned only four points overall — 11-4. After the side switch, RNG shortened the gap to 11-9 but their win streak was finished by niko’s 1v2 — 12-9. OpTic won the following round, dealing a blow to the opponent’s economy, and eventually closed the map on a 16-10 mark.

As a result, Renegades leave the sixth season of StarSeries i-League CS:GO on the 5-8th place and take away $10,000 of the prize money. It's worth noting that it was the first LAN event for the new lineup of RNG since they signed Sean "Gratisfaction" Kaiwai and Jay "liazz" Tregillgas.

The name of OpTic’s next opponent in the upcoming semifinal will be known after the game between Vega Squadron and Fragsters. The broadcast of this match will be held on starladder_cs_en.