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OG leave the tournament

After the victory against Sweden Alliance, European Union OG had to face off against Chinese team China Vici Gaming Reborn, who had eliminated team Russian Federation Virtus.Pro from the tournament. xc0O3B3VtIc On the first map, BountyHunter made a huge contribution to the victory of team China VG.Reborn. During the game, he was distracting attention of European Union OG from Juggernaut and Windranger, who could allow themselves to farm. The team from Europe had practically no chances to recoup. European Union OG surrendered when the advantage of the Chinese collective had reached its peak. 8BxWKVOKOyg After a break European Union OG started to play differently – more aggressively and confidently. China VG.Reborn didn’t realize a potential of their heroes in time, and Ember Spirit with Lycan left no chances for the Chinese team. DkkebrBfLWs As for the second map, European Union OG had to act fast and not to finish the game in the late phase, for which China VG.Reborn expected. Until the middle of the game, everything had been good for the European team, but then they stopped to push the opponent at some moment, and the game turned into the late stage. There China VG.Reborn felt much more confident: they collected needed artifacts and destroyed European Union OG. _rabBvReImY