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NRG Esports win cs_summit 3

The North American team NRG Esports has become the champion of cs_summit 3. In the final match, NRG prevailed over the Danish five of OpTic Gaming with a 3-1 victory, earning $63,750 of the prize money.

It’s worth mentioning that NRG had a 1-0 lead before the final started as they made it through the upper bracket. 

NRG Esports win cs_summit

NRG Esports haven’t lost a single series on the way to their victory at cs_summit 3

The match kicked off on Nuke. Right in the first round, CeRq took down everybody from the enemy team by USP-S, but OpTic won the following force buy and seized the lead — 3-1. Later on, NRG played it back and the score was tied at 5-5. Viewers witnessed an even fight before the end of the half, so it was displayed on the result — 8-7 in favor of OpTic Gaming.

After a successful pistol OG extended their lead to 11-7, while NRG won the first gun round — 11-8. Thanks to cajunb, OpTic won an eco after that and made it to the distance of being one round away from securing map-points. At a 14-11 mark, CeRq prevailed in a 1v4 clutch, but it wasn’t enough for his team to come back into the game. The map was finished with a 16-14 score by a margin for OpTic Gaming.

The next map was Overpass. OpTic had a great start on the CT side, winning six rounds in a row — 6-0, and after that, Brehze finally got a first point for NRG as he clutched a 1v2 situation. OG managed to keep their advantage before the first half came to an end, but the Americans minimized it to 8-7.

After NRG Esports switched to the CT side, they started their domination over the opponent by a win streak of nine rounds. OpTic Gaming didn’t earn a single point as the Ts, losing Overpass 8-16. Cvetelin "CeRq" Dimitrov had a great impact on the second map, leading his squad to the victory: 23-11 K-D (13 AWP kills), 100.1 ADR and 1.67 HLTV KDR.

The game continued on Mirage. OpTic Gaming won a force buy after losing the pistol and got some advantage that was lost in the 8th round — 4-4. When the score was 5-5, NRG brought the initiative back and didn’t lose a round on the CT side as they moved forward, finishing the half with a 10-5 result. The switch of sides wasn’t helpful for OG as NRG Esports continued getting points to their bank. Eventually, they won the map 16-6.

The final results of cs_summit 3:

  • • 1st place — NRG Esports ($63,750)
  • • 2nd place — OpTic Gaming ($33,750)
  • • 3rd place — BIG ($19,500)
  • • 4th place — compLexity Gaming ($15,000)
  • • 5-6th place — Ghost Gaming and Heroic ($5,250)
  • • 7-8th place — Team Kinguin and G2 Esports ($3,750)

The award of the most valuable player at cs_summit 3 from and Betway was given to Vincent "Brehze" Cayonte. His HLTV KDR after eleven maps was summarized by an impressive 1.34 record.