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NRG Esports advance to semifinals of StarSeries i-League S5

NRG Esports have become the first semifinalists of StarSeries i-League CS:GO S5, taking down the best team in North America, Team Liquid, in an intense Bo3-series.

NRG Esports CS:GO

The match started on Inferno, which was chosen by TL. NRG lost the pistol round after failing to hold the bomb in 2v2, and couldn’t take the initiative back by an early buy, so it helped Liquid in taking a lead, 8-0. Thanks to individual performance of Brehze and a few good executes on late timings, NRG reduced the gap before the end of the first half, setting the score on a 10-5 mark.

TL lost the second pistol, giving away the A-plant that they had control of in 5v3, but recovered from it by winning an eco, opening the B-side by brilliant entry-frags from Twistzz. In the 19th round, on a 12-6 mark in favor of Liquid, NRG also stole away an eco, after daps clutched it, and moved on to 12-9. However, after that TL brought the previous pace and lost only one round on a map-point, closing out the map by an aggressive push to A, 16-10.

It was resumed on Nuke. Playing for the T-side, Liquid won all important rounds at the beginning, 4-0, and, after that, NRG strengthened their defense and took away eight rounds in a row, 4-8, denying the Ts in every direction. TL picked up two more rounds in the second half, 1v2 clutch from NAF and fast push on A, going to the CT-side with a short gap, 6-9.

NRG used the advantage of a few P250s in the pistol, won the first gun-round on the T-side, broke TL’s economy and came close to a victory, 14-6. Later, nahtE outplayed TACO in 1v1, so it helped NRG Esports to easily end the map with a huge lead, 16-6.

Train was the map that decided the outcome of this match. NRG Esports won in the starting four rounds, 4-0, and then EliGE’s triple-entry on the B-site got the first point for Liquid. TL started playing it back and, soon enough, the score settled on a tie, 6-6. However, the victory in the half was taken by NRG Esports, who adapted to the Team Liquid’s plays and won the last three rounds, 9-6.

Unexpected counter-aggression in the CT-pistol didn’t help TL in taking the most important round for them, so it gave NRG even more profitable advantage, 12-6. Liquid couldn’t hold the opponents back in the first buy-round, playing without an AWP, and, once again, got on the edge of an economy catastrophe. Having limited resources, Team Liquid didn’t come back and were defeated with a 6-16 result. 

Liquid leave the main stage of Palace Ukraine, finishing on the 5-8th place and earning $10,000. NRG Esports advance to the next stage of the tournament, where they are about to play against AGO Esports or North.