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North eliminate AGO Esports from StarSeries i-League S5

The Danish squad has defeated the Poles from AGO Esports and moved on to the semifinals of StarSeries i-League S5, where they will have to play against NRG Esports.

North CS:GO

The first map was Train, which was the AGO’s pick. A quadkill by mertz brought a victory in the CT-pistol for North, and, after that, the Danes won the first gun-round and earned a small advantage, 4-0. During the half, AGO took a pair of rounds with only pistols on their hands, but didn’t use any chance to break North’s economy. As a result, the Danish five continued its domination on the CT-side and went to the break with a 12-3 score.

After prevailing over aizy in a clutch, snatchie won the second pistol for AGO and gave them a chance to make a comeback, so later it led to 12-6. The Polish squad was close to turn the game around, but North found a breach in its defense, attacking in the direction of the B-site, and saved themselves from losing the map, 16-13.

The match was resumed on Dust II, which was taken by North. On the start, the teams couldn’t determine a leader, making mistakes in anti-force rounds, but then AGO took a lead for a while, 4-2. As an answer to that, North didn’t lose a round till the end of the first half, 11-4. Aizy had only three deaths on his score, 14/0/3 KAD, before going to the T-side.

In the second pistol North used MSL as a bait in the direction of the A-plant, while other players pushed B and won an important round, 12-4. In the 19th round Aizy won a 1v3-clutch in his signature playstyle and put his team closer to making it to the top-4, 14-4. However, as it was on Train, AGO started showing solid defense, taking round by round. The Poles evened the score, having a huge amount of money on their bank, and then got the victory on the map after winning twelve rounds in a row, 16-14.  

Mirage was the last map in this meeting. After an unlucky start, 0-2, North was getting rounds to their bank really fast, so it resulted in a 5-2 advantage. The Danish squad kept the lead before the half’s end, using default A-executes quite often, 9-6, and Kjaerbye was the most valuable player after the first fifteen rounds: 21-9 K-D, 122.3 ADR.

At the beginning of the T-half, AGO took the lead for the first time during this map, but then they lost anti-force and the score became even once again, 10-10. After that, AGO Esports couldn’t break the enemy’s defense, not implementing a single idea of those that was suggested, and they were defeated with a 10-16 result.   

After winning every single match in the group stage, AGO Esports lost in their first Bo3-series in the Playoffs and left StarSeries i-League S5, being on the 5-8th place. Thus, AGO earned $10,000 for participating in our event. On the other side, North will continue their participation in the match against NRG, who previously knocked out Team Liquid.