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North book StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 ticket over MVP

The Danish five of North has qualified for StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 after winning over MVP.PK in the second match of the Play-in Stage.

North CS:GO

North has returned to
the CS:GO Major Circuit

The match started on Nuke, which was chosen by MVP. North showed a good result on the CT side, prevailing in 11 rounds in the first half, and then, they closed out the map as the Ts at 16-10. The game continued on Inferno. There, the Danes used the map-pick advantage and beat MVP with a 16-10 result, picking up 9 rounds as the Ts.

Nicklas "gade" Gade had the best individual performance in this match. He boasted the highest KDR, 1.45, and stood out in the following categories: 48-33 K-D, 98.8 ADR.  

DreamEaters and North are the first two teams from StarLadder Major Berlin 2019: Play-in Stage who have made it through to the main stage of the Major. It means that the last ticket to the 15th CS:GO Major will be played off in the final series between INTZ Esports and MVP.PK.

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