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NBK: I wouldn’t be mad if CZ-75 disappears

We made an interview with the player of G2 Esports, Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt, shortly after his team advanced to the Playoffs stage of StarSeries i-League S4 with a clean 3-0 record in the groups.


Nathan discussed with us recent G2’s performance, unpopular weapons in CS:GO and management of their economy, which is one of the main things why they’ve been criticized lately. Also, he commented the opinion in the community that says that CZ-75 should be entirely removed from the game. 

- Congratulations, you’ve advanced to the Playoffs with a clean record. Are you happy with your performance here? 

The way we won wasn’t the most beautiful. The game against Renegades was very clear, but two other ones were decent. We faced Astralis, against of which we have kind of a mental edge, I think. And so beating them 2-1 makes it even better. [We defeated] Mouz, who are showing insanely good things right now. I mean, we are very happy with the way we qualified. But again, the main goal, when you’re playing Swiss System, is just to qualify. So 3-0 or 3-2, it doesn’t really matter. The Playoffs are going to be everything. 

- It was 3-0 for you, but which team was the toughest opponent in the groups?

I think that mouz was the toughest one. It was shown in the games that we had to really give it all to win against them. Like to go deep in our map-pool. They showed up individually, right now they are on point. Even STYKO, who is the lowest aim-wise player in the whole roster, stepped up in the big time, so all of them are playing on point. It was a pretty tough game because they match up against us pretty well. It’s same for the map-pool. And it makes even harder to perform better [against them]. 

- Do you think that after Bo3s you will be more prepared for the Playoffs?

It’s hard to say. Now because of the format, we will have three off-days, during of which we won’t be playing official games at all, while all the other teams are going to be doing that. So the teams, which are going to be in that continuity, will have kind of an edge coming into the Playoffs because they won’t have any break. And they will still be in that competition and full momentum, and that’s what might make the difference, but Bo3s don’t change anything for the Playoffs. It’s Bo3, whether it’s group or Playoffs, it doesn’t matter. You can face anybody and you just got to win.

G2 Esports CS:GO

- You are one of a few players who use unpopular guns. Why don’t the others do it?

I don’t know. They don’t feel like it. I feel like playing with it, that’s why I do that. I’m very comfortable with it. I can play many different video games, so I can adapt to things very quickly. It doesn’t scare me to try out other guns. Like Dual Berettas, SSG or other stuff. It doesn’t matter to me. It’s a game, in the end, so you can play with anything and anything may work. I feel like playing with it, so I just do it.  

- Is it possible that at some moment unusual guns, SG and AUG, will be more popular than AK and M4?

Maybe. It was the case with the auto-sniper since the beginning of the game. Once GeT_RiGhT started using it, people [followed his example]. It wasn’t that popular in other games, 1.6 or Source, but in CS:GO it’s actually very useful. GeT_RiGhT’s been using it to his advantage for a long time, so it can be same with any weapon. I think that SG is a very-very good weapon, quite underrated and so. It just needs some mastering. You need to practice and get better with it. Then you can see its real potential, what’s the real worth of the weapon. And I’m 100% convinced that [SG] is a definitely great weapon. 

- What are your thoughts about new EnVyUs’ lineup? Is bringing kioShiMa back the move they should have done a long time ago?

I don’t really know if that’s going to be the main point for them. I think they need to change their game-style a little bit. They need to swap it and give more freedom to the players. For instance, RpK is playing insane right now. So it’s good to have a system, but also it’s good to give some freedom to the players, so they would be happy at the same time. Knowing Happy, as I’ve been playing with him for a long time, I know he loves playing a system with 5 AKs and with no AWPer. I guess, they will most likely go towards that way. So I’m really looking forward to what they going to do.

- Before EL Major, it was stated that you and apEX help Shox with IGLing. You also became the secondary AWP. Have you changed something in the distribution of roles after that?

Not really, we are on the same screen. There is nothing really changed. It’s the same stuff and we are just training that way.

G2 Esports CS:GO

- How’s Shox feeling about his hand? Because from what we’ve seen, he’s doing pretty well.

Right now it doesn’t really change anything. He doesn’t feel anything special regarding his hand. The post-surgery is going to be the hardest part. So that’s going to be the only problem. 

- Have you already spoken about who could be the temporary replacement of Shox, when he will be recovering after the operation?

It should be SmithZz. It should be only him. 

- You’ve been playing a lot of Mirage lately. Do you feel confident enough on it? Or you still have to work with some things on this map? 

We definitely have to work on some stuff. It’s our weakest map out of the six right now. And we just play it, because we need Mirage in Bo3s. We’ve tried to play very free, using just individuals to win games. Either we lose 16-2, either we win 16-2. So these are our weaknesses on the map.

- People are criticizing your team for bad management of the economy, so kennyS doesn’t always get an AWP. What’s your opinion about it?

First of all, it’s a team game. Sometimes the whole team has to force-buy to get more chances of winning the game. We’ve tried to have it more and more, so it’s also bad is some cases. At times he doesn’t want to play with the AWP. So it’s all up to him to choose whether he wants to play with it. He can manage his economy by himself. It really depends on the pace of the game, how it goes and if he wants to use it. A lot of people saying that, but sometimes it comes from him. 

I don’t really know what to say. I can’t explain to anybody how the team works, how we do it and so on. We do it the way we think it’s right.

G2 Esports CS:GO

- So sometimes he likes rifling?

Yeah. Sometimes, when he doesn’t feel like AWPing and he isn’t in the game, he prefers just to stick to rifles and play simply.

- Being a team that force-buys a lot, you know more than anyone else about the power of pistols. Would you be ok with entirely removing CZ-75 from the game? 

I think it’s a fair statement. I wouldn’t be mad if the CZ disappears because it’s very-very powerful weapon. But now it’s here and we are just going to use it. You can always counter the things, plays, and weapons. That’s the beauty of Counter-Strike. You just have to do it and be careful about it. Sure the weapon is very powerful, we are going to take advantage of it. And it’s up to the developers, but it would be ok if the CZ will be removed from the game.

- Which teams do you expect to make it to the Playoffs at this event? In your opinion, who might surprise us? [question was asked before the draw of the fourth round]

I was quite upset that HellRaisers couldn’t play with their full-roster throughout the whole tournament. Now they are here, down at 0-2. You know, that’s a big pain in the ass to be down 0-2 and having to come back all the way. 

I guess all the favorites [will make it to the Playoffs]. I’m not sure about the form of Cloud9. They had a very good first game, but then they got crushed in the second and third matches. TyLoo have been playing good, but I don’t see them going out because of Bo3s. Mouz, SK, FaZe, they all should make it.

Interview was given to StarLadder's @EllanarkJesus