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Na'Vi take the lead


In 15 minutes before the match teams chose a list of maps by the crossing method. After spinning a coin the teams in turns cross out maps from the list. The teams chose only one map out of three remaining ones, and the last map becomes decisive in case when the teams play the first two in a draw.

Draft stage:
NA'VI (?) NA'VI (?) NA'VI (?) decider
cache cbble inferno train dust2 overpass mirage
[16:04] de_dust2
[11:16] de_overpass
[16:13] de_mirage

On the first de_dust2 map Natus Vincere let everyone understand that they were going to win. After a gained pistol round and the two following ones, they allowed the rival to level the score [3:3]. The Ukrainian team took the lead in the game and would break the defense of QuestionMark over and over again [11:4]. The Danes did not manage to make a comeback in the second half either. A smart tactic coupled with great individual play of the Born to Win did its work and, with a devastating [16:4] score, the victory came to them.

The de_overpass map was full of intensive fights. This time the pistol round was taken by the Danes, who followed up the success with three more points [0:4]. An answer from Natus Vincere came immediately and, gradually closing the gap, they end up with a temporary draw [6:6]. A lack of luck in some moments did not let the Ukrainians take the lead [7:8]. QuestionMark started the second half rather successfully and the score stopped at the [7:11] mark. The Danes continued to force their game to the rival and managed to level the map score [11:16].

The decider ran on de_mirage. Playing the defense side, QuestionMark started to force their style of the game and took the first pistol round rather easily. Confident moves by the Danes would not give Natus Vincere a chance to take a single point until the eight round [1:7]. QuestionMark continued to dominate to the end of the first half and lost only four points to the Ukrainian team [4:11]. On the attack side Natus Vincere managed to make an unbelievable comeback and to level the score [12:12], and then they took the sacred sixteenth round and reached the semi-final [16:13].