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Nahaz and Droog have shared their thoughts on the recent changes in a new patch 7.22

Within StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor we have asked Nahaz and Droog to comment on the recent changes in Dota 2, precisely: Mars and Io being added to the Captains Mode, on the balance between Dire and Radiant, and the buffs of Aghanim's Scepter.

With the release of 7.22 patch, the difference between Dire and Radiant is more or less balanced. What is the point for teams to choose a side now? Perhaps, there are still some pitfalls left.

Dmitry "Droog" Chumachenko

"Regarding the Radiant and Dire, I can't say anything, really. My heart belongs to two parties at once. The main change is that the T2 tower for the Radiant on the mid lane was moved away from the near-spot creeps and it no longer gives you a vision there. There is a draw-down, it was an extremely safe location before. But I think that it's a minor change, in fact."

Alan "Nahaz" Bester

"Balance between the radiant and the dire was one of the big things we were looking for after 7.21 in which toward the last lans radiant was like 60-40. Obviously it’s not good. It comes up on reddit every once in a while, but people tend to forget that in public dota 2 matches radiant has a substantial advantage. It’s not unusual: in many many patches every hero in every single skill bracket has a higher win rate as a radiant, that as a dire in pubs. Even at the highest levels of a pro dota in was nearly 64% at the end of a 7.21. And so far in 7.22 it seems to be more even. The map is asymmetric and that’s fine. The point is not to make the map absolutely symmetric. The fact that there are strategies, especially at the high ranks that are radiant or dire specific is a part that makes game strategically interesting. But the point is that there were so many more radiant-side strategies, that were very powerful and easy to draft around in the last patch. I think that balance was adjust a little bit. I still think the radiant will be better in this patch. So far the stats were looking a lot more even."

Mars and Io have been added to the Captains Mode. In your opinion, are these heroes ready for the competitive scene?

Dmitry "Droog" Chumachenko

"About Mars and IO. Mars is ready for the competitive scene, it was proven by a number of teams. And Mars is imba. Mars, with the Aghanim's Scepter, we have also already seen, but it seems that he lost within the confines of our tournament. But somehow the hero is very cool, very strong. I'm waiting for Wisp to arrive. It seems like they have brought him back, but no one wants to pick him. Wisp is constantly "under reconstruction", they change the mechanics of the teaser, the mechanics of ultimate. And now the teams seem to have forgotten how to play on him, I don’t know why they aren’t picking him, but I think we'll see him till the Playoffs."

Alan "Nahaz" Bester

"I think Mars is still very good, but he hasn’t looked as OP as I thought he’d be. So far I still think that he will be that hero that you’re gonna see run in a bunch of different positions, I think he will be more and more contested heroes, leading to TI. I think we’ll see him on first or second position from at least a couple teams. Once teams realise he can play four positions then he will be very contested at a higher ranks. Maybe he’s gonna get a nerf , before TI. I don’t think he’s nearly as ridiculously OP as I thought he would be. Io got nerfed to the ground. Io is a really problematic as a hero, one of the biggest single things is a removal of a lvl 10 exp talent. In 7.21b his Ags talent got moved from the lvl 15 to lvl 20. If you look at resurgence of Io and we got back from the last patch from 2 years ago where every team had have Io at TI strats. Even back to TI5, Peter (ppd?) would talk about EG is not an “Io team”. This was a hero that a big part of entire teams’ identity. And it came back to the meta to that point, and part of it was that Ags talent. It got moved from 15 to 20, now all of a sudden that exp gain talent is gone at lvl 10. That means Io is gonna struggle to get that lvl 20 in pro matches. GH is still gonna play it, and still gonna look good because it’s GH. And he is a god. But I don’t think Io is gonna be fist phase."

With a new patch, all the heroes have received Aghanim's Scepter. On which of the heroes does it seem be like an unconquerable advantage, and on which one - completely useless?

Dmitry "Droog" Chumachenko

"Aghanim's Scepter is an OP - on the Monkey King, on the Pangolier as well. On the Clockwerk it's strong, given that Clockwerk was also improved, his talents were boosted in a useful manner for this Aghonim's Scepter. The hero becomes good, we're waiting for him. Monkey King - is the worst."

Alan "Nahaz" Bester

"I’m not such a fan of giving Ags to every hero. I think there are a lot of them, like Tiny Ags for example, that it is a little bit of a niche item. I think you are gonna see it in a certain games. There will be a pro game, where Tiny builds an Ags and just breaks the game and people would call it really OP. There are a lot of Ags that are not something that you are gonna build in every game, but when they fit they are awesome. It creates a lot of potential balance issues, and it is not necessary a thing that I would want to see in the patch close to TI. The most OP? My very biased answer — I have learned Dota 2 a lot on Death Prophet. And I think her Ags is really good. It is excellent as a farming item, if you are playing with a save behind you like an Oracle you actually can build it as a first item. Lycan Ags is kinda W T F. But again it is meta. When you think of when 7.0 came out in a Dota season, I would love to see this Ags patch come out in a January-February. I’m not such a fan of this Ags patch in June."

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