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Na'Vi advance to the quarterfinals at StarSeries i-League CS:GO S5

Natus Vincere have gained the victory over AVANGAR, thus reaching the Playoffs at the fifth season of StarSeries i-League CS:GO.

The first map was Mirage — a choice of the Kazakh squad. The first half was finished at a minimal advantage of the Ukrainian team 7:8. After a side-switch the teams were still playing toe-to-toe, but Na'Vi proved to be stronger than their opponents and picked up the map with a final score 16:13.

On the enemy's pick AVANGAR were looking more confident, but Natus Vincere managed to get a grip and reached the rivals as close as possible at 7:8. During the second half the «swing» gaming went on, but this time Natus Vincere managed to prevail over the opponents and to paragraph this countering.

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