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Minor: Talents of the Tournament

The best of the best in right and funny utterances, who can easily and confidently describe any action going on the battleground, have come together to cover for you the upcoming Minor tournament matches. You can always recognize their voices among others. So, we bring to your attention the final list of commentators and analysts at Regional Minor Championship: CIS. Besides the familiar and favorite faces, the ranks of the analysts have been joined by the ex-player of the Russian Binary Dragons team, Vasiliy ‘FANAT ROCKA’ Trusov. minor_talents_final (2) studio's team: Antonina «Tonya» Predko — host; Stepan “DonStepan” Shulga — host;  Aleksandr «petr1k» Petryk — analyst; Vasiliy «FANAT ROCKA» Trusov— analyst; Igor «SL4M» Sopov — commentator; Taufik «tafa» Khidri — commentator; Aleksandr «HomeR» Lysenko — commentator;  Mikhail «0kr0shka» Shmygel— commentator; Mikhail «Magadanchik» Tishyn — commentator. You can familiarize yourself with the match schedule of the Regional Minor Championship: CIS final part here. All information related to this tournament is available at the following link: