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MiBR finalize team list for ECS S7 Finals

The Brazilian team has acquired the last spot for the LAN-finals of Esports Championship Series’ seventh season. MiBR repeated their success from the last week’s qualifier and prevailed in ECS Season 7: Week 5 after taking down Team Liquid.

MiBR coldzera

MiBR will fight for the championship title of ECS Season 7

Before MiBR made it through to the final match against Liquid, they defeated Team Singularity and Cloud9. The Brazilians did not lose a map in both of the matches. In the grand-final, MiBR were crushed on the first map, Overpass (4-16), but they managed to bounce back on Mirage and Inferno (16-13 and 16-11, respectively). Fernando "fer" Alvarenga was the most valuable player of the series: 1.24 HLTV KDR (58-42 K-D).

Earlier, the last ticket to ECS S7 Finals for Europe was taken by Ninjas in Pyjamas. AVANGAR were the only threat for NiP, but at the end, the Kazakhs lost to Fnatic in the semifinals and, eventually, could not catch up with the Swedes in the tournament’s standings.

Fnatic and OpTic Gaming were the finalists of ECS S7: Week 5 in Europe. Both teams lost their chances to qualify for the LAN-finals before the match took place, so they fought for additional prize-money. OpTic beat FNC with a 2-1 score (12-16 Inferno, 16-14 Nuke, 16-5 Vertigo) and earned $12,000 for securing the first place.

The full list of participants for ECS S7 Finals

Astralis North Team Vitality Ninjas in Pyjamas
compLexity Gaming NRG Esports FURIA Esports MiBR

ECS S7 Finals will be held from 6 to 9 June in London’s SSE Arena, Wembley. The event’s prize-pool amounts to $500,000. Follow the news on FACEIT’s CS:GO league on our website and social media: Facebook and Twitter.