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Maru – WESG 2017 champion in StarCraft II

The Grand Final match, a main battle of the whole tournament was played in Best-of-7 format. Both Maru and Dark were ready for a tough fight, in which they had to show their best performance.


Match started with Dark's supremacy after the first map, but then Maru answered with 2 victories in a row. On the third map after a 15-minutes fight Dark made score even, 2:2. Acid plant brought Dark one more point and a leadership in the match after almost 20 minutes of battle. Two losses in a row in long fights forced Maru to change tactics and he started Catalyst with hidden barrack close to the Zerg natural. It helped him to take advantage from the very beginning and to tie the score at 3:3.

The decisive map in Bo7 Grand Final was held on Abiogenesis. Maru successfully built 3 bunkers on the Dark’s expand, which forced Zerg to spend all the resources defending his main. He managed to destroy all Maru’s buildings but too big eco-advantage of his opponent and continuous aggressive from Terran forced Dark to write “GG”.


Maru, from the second attempt, becomes the WESG champion and wins $200,000, while Dark achieves 2nd place and earns $80,000.